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For example, Judy, a direct-to-consumer company that helps people become prepared for disaster or emergency situations hit the market slightly less than two weeks ago. It uses texts to educate consumers about what they might need to do to prepare for an emergency. The company tailors its texts to the location of the person being messaged. “By nature of sending out information about being prepared, it is a form of marketing,” said Judy CEO Simon Huck. “We look at texting as part of general awareness marketing.” 

Companies are now trying to figuring out the type of text messages to send consumers as well as their frequency. While some businesses do see this as forum for marketing messages and promotions, others firms are wary of sending anything that could turn texting into the next (overlooked) email: Sending too many messages, and ones too focused on deals might become so overwhelming to consumers that they no longer check these texts. Striking a balance will be key to companies’ avoidance of a texting bubble, according to marketers and texting experts.


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